How Tankless Water Heaters Save You Money & Space

Old fashioned water heaters with tanks waste a fortune by forcing you to heat a huge tank of water 24/7. It's like keeping a pot of water on the stove all day in case you want a cup of tea later. With the GULFWAVE 2 tankless water heater, you will usually save enough in energy alone to pay for the entire system in a short 30 months..

How Tankless Water Heaters Save The Earth And Save Space

We made it easy to go green! Converting to a tankless water heater is an easy step you can take to help save the environment. Our GULFWAVE 2 systems help save the environment. They also save space because they have have no bulky tank. Go green and save the earth for your children and grandchildren.

Tankless Water Heaters Give You Unlimited Hot Water

One of the biggest problems with old fashioned water heaters is they waste energy by keeping a tank of water hot all day. They often run out of hot water and that is never good in the middle of a shower or bath. Old fashioned water tanks just cannot make water hot fast enough for today's families. The GULFWAVE 2 tankless water heater will never let you down. Your entire family will enjoy the luxury of endless hot water.