Everything You Wanted To Know About The Gulf Wave2 Tankless Water Heater

Smart Controller Technology

This advanced technology allows you to set the temperature from 60 degrees to 140 degrees F. Once the temperature is set, the unit self regulates by measuring the inlet water temperature and flow rate to adjust its energy consumption, thereby offering greater savings and the ability to run multiple applications.

Power Modulation Technology

This technology controls the power output of the heating elements and varies considerably on the market today.

Unlike our competitors, the GulfWave 2 has full power modulation. This technology provides true modulation of all components, not simply staged operation of each element. This improves temperature control. Any tankless water heater without it is an unsophisticated model and not suitable for whole house use.

If a tankless heater has No Flow Modulation/Various Power Settings – it will result in water temperature fluctuations.

If a tankless heater has only basic Flow Modulation – it will measure flow rate, but there is inconsistent output temperatures when flow rate or pressure changes occur. Only the GulfWave 2 has true Flow Modulation/Thermostatically controlled – This is the most advanced type of electric tankless water heater available. This type of heater constantly measures the water flow rate, and both incoming and outgoing water temperatures to modulate power (amperage) to the heating elements as changes are detected, thereby maintaining a precise output water temperature at the level selected by the homeowner/user.

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This is why the GULFWAVE2 tankless water heater is the very best choice on the market today:

True Flow Modulation & Thermostatic Control

Set it and forget it! The GULFWAVE 2 tankless water heater features the most advance temperature control system available in an electric tankless water heater today. It constantly measures the water flow rate and incoming water temperature to modulate power to the heating elements to maintain a precise output temperature as selected by the user. A convenient digital display indicates the temperature setting.

Quality Components

The GULFWAVE 2 electric tankless water heater is made in the USA. The heating chambers are copper and brass. The unit is protected by a stainless steel case with integrated mounting brackets. No other tankless water heater manufactured today has a stainless steel case. Many competitors use inferior plastics to save costs.

Technical Support

Our company has 80+ years of experience in the industry and when you
call for technical support you will reach a technical “real” person not a machine.

  • UL Certification both US And Canada
  • Best Temperature Stability On The Market
  • 80+ Years Experience In The Water Heating Industry
  • Commercial Grade 2 Pole Power Distribution Block
  • Heavy Duty Heating Chamber ASME Specifications
  • Superior Control Technology
    • Rapid Control Software
    • True Modulation Of All Components
    • Advanced Electronic Hardware
    • Quality Incoloy Sheath Heating Elements
    • Digital Computer Self Diagnosis
    • Controller Provides Operating Cost & Hot Water usage
  • Shark Bite Connections For Inlet And outlet/Simplifies Installation
  • Flexibility On Installation: Single Or Multiple Circuits
  • All Stainless Steel Casings
  • Incredible Space Savings:
    • Three Element Model Measures: 17" X 16" X 3" Weight = 23 lbs
    • Two Element Model Measures: 13.5" X 16" X 3" Weight = 19 lbs

Pressure Integrity Test

Each unit is pressure tested at 180 PSI to insure against leaks. This is over 3.5 times the water pressure that the unit will experience in a typical residential installation. Please see the internal view of the GULFWAVE 2 on this page. All of the models utilize the same parts and technology, but have varying sizes and numbers of heating elements.

Electrical Integrity Test

Each unit is connected to a special testing module that sends a 1,000 volt current surging through the unit for one millisecond to verify that there are no short circuits and that the unit’s circuitry is properly configured.

Specifications Level Test

Each unit is temporarily attached to a testing station that duplicates the conditions present in a typical installation. The unit is turned on and the temperature of the water produced by the unit is measured at several flow rates to insure that the proper temperature rise specifications are met and that the unit self-regulates with the varying flow rates.

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